• What is the Red Pine Oil?
What is the Red Pine Oil?     SMSbio We promise the best value.
As a kind of pine tree that grows in Korea, there can be typically two.

Red Pine is one thing to another is sometimes called black pine Pinus thunbergii. Black pine is the sea-side sea breeze blowing as well as compared to the wild where bunpoji large consignment is bunpoji is limited.

Meanwhile, it has been found that Korea, China, Japan and Southeast Asia when extracting the pine components other areas, the effectiveness of polyphenols, such as terpenes or oil component which is a major indicator that a guy named most outstanding consignment. Red Pine's Southeast side of China, Korea and Japan, but also see a lot of that active ingredient itgetda seen to be determined by the soil conditions, climate conditions. In particular, it was the most effective component is detected, such as polyphenols, terpenes, amino acids in the red pine habitat in the Taebaek Mountains, one of South Korea. Meanwhile, according to the findings of the Korea peninsula, especially botanists of the whole Taebaek Mountains, Mt words, it was much the most effective component detected in one mountain that separates the peninsula axis that results have been submitted to the many academics. Therefore, even when delayed to see if the same consignment qualitative and shown to the soil chemical characterization of the active ingredient of the consignment. 4 that change and soil characteristics of the seasons of Korea and climatic characteristics determine the active ingredient to the pharmacological action of terpenes, polyphenols has been recognized in the academic world. Consequently, the difference between red pine and other pine can be said to be determined by regional differences, the red pine and pine general, rather than differences in kind grew up. In China and Korea it was early in the pine needles, for thousands of years of Chinese Li Shizhen Report Compendium of Materia Medica, through Donguibogam of the classic uihakseo Huh sseoom of Korea as a medicinal plant in folk medicine to prove that superior efficacy and safety. Recent past 30-40 years to take advantage of the scientific analysis was attempted distillation extraction. Asia (China, Korea, Japan, etc.) to validate the results of the pine needles and red pine Pinus thunbergii a survey of the active ingredient of the rich pine minutes that were identified in the wild showed that red pine is richer than the black pine.

- Excerpt from the report of that person Oriental Hospital, Dr. Kim, Kwan - Ho -
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