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What is pine needle distilled concentrate?     SMSbio We promise the best value.

Good pine trees are grown in the deep forest with lustrous needles. Its leaves, fruits and pine resin are used for preventing and treating adult diseases. Among the pine trees, red pine which is a Korean native species is the best for medicinal use. Raw or shade-dried leaves are mainly used, and it is known to be effective for gastrointestinal diseases, hypertension, paralysis, neuralgia, and asthma.

In Donguibogam, it is said that when people eat pine needles for a long time, they do not grow old, they become full of energy, their hair becomes black, and they do not know cold and hunger. In Hyangyakjipseongbang, it is said that if you cut the pine needles into small pieces like a millet and eat them, the body gets strong, the power rises and you will not get cold.
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